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  1. Tataxe
    Serenity has an extremely subtle continuity nod during Mal's Shirtless Scene, where one can see a small vertical scar on his upper right chest. This is the same scar he picked up in "The Train Job" when Crow threw a knife at him and hit him in that spot. There's also a scar in the center of his chest from the torture device in "War Stories".
  2. Dobei
    Nod and Grevel fled the scene as the fight ensued, leaving Aunt Z and the others to finish it for them. The uprising Edit. Xiono later planned to sink the Colossus until only Doza Tower at the top remained in order to swim up to the tower itself. As he did it, the rest of the platform was sealed off to avoid flooding.
  3. Vugrel
    When the stage has been properly set, the simplest physical gesture can be charged with meaning in a film. Bogart's nod in the Marseillaise scene in Casablanca stands out as perhaps the most striking example of this important resource in cinematic storytelling, and one particularly deserving of a closer look.. The situation Rick (Humphrey Bogart) and Victor Laszlo (Paul Henreid) are upstairs.
  4. Mikasar
    "Nod Scene" lyrics. Monster Magnet Lyrics "Nod Scene" Bought another copy of fragile Seeds were bustin' up the spine I think I cracked my skull doin' airplanes Not too many Bud's just fine Pussy scratch and sniff in a playboy Christ I'm a good looking man 15 miles to cop on our Sting Rays.
  5. Vulkis
    Nod Scene tab by Monster Magnet. 3, views, added to favorites 25 times. Author Unregistered. Last edit on Feb 10, Download Pdf. Play.
  6. Tojasar
    And that fight-club scene in Apocalypse is very reminiscent of the fight-club scene in the first X-Men movie. In fact, Singer explains that the entire Wolverine sequence was a nod to his first two X-Men movies, not to mention a way to connect all six movies. Pictured: A scene from X2, where Wolverine approaches the facility he escapes from in X.

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